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When I think of the emergence of jewellery as we know it today, I think of ancient Egypt.

According to historians, humans have used materials such as bone, teeth, and all manner of curious objects as adornment for tens of thousands of years.

The Egyptians however stand out to me as people who were true masters in the art-form, and their development of jewellery is still to this day beyond compare.

They adored the shine, rarity and workability of gold, and in ancient Egypt jewellery became a symbol of power, only worn by the most affluent of people during their lifetime, and beyond.

The stunning 18th Dynasty Crown below consisting of four gazelle heads was one of those whimsical pieces that would have been buried with the princess or queen who is said to have worn it.

Every goldsmith dreams of visiting Egypt…and it is definitely on my wish list.

– Benjamin

18th Dynasty Pharaonic Crown

18th Dynasty Pharaonic Crown.