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Wellington is a city quivering with interest and atmosphere.  I spent the last couple of days there receiving a generous city fix that was well overdue – catching up with friends, and over-staying my welcome in every second-hand boutique on offer.

Cafe on Cuba St, Wellington

Café on Cuba St, Wellington (NZ).

Cuba St is a literal candy store for vintage lovers like myself, so it’s easy to waste away the hours without moving more than a mere few footsteps.

There are a million things to attract (and distract), tempt and sway…but this authentic Louis Vuitton Steam Trunk I happened upon in the incredible emporium that is Hunters & Collectors was a definite highlight.

Authentic Louis Vuitton 1920's Steam Trunk - Hunters & Collectors, Wellington (NZ)

Authentic Louis Vuitton 1920’s Steam Trunk – Hunters & Collectors, Wellington (NZ)

The iconic French brand has been a world leader in fashion and design since its inception in 1854, and it is synonymous with style, luxury, and quality – so you can imagine how excited I was to stumble upon this mouthwatering piece of bespoke Louis luggage.Louis Vuitton Authentic 1920's Steam Trunk - Hunters & Collectors, Wellington NZ

I have been on the hunt for a classic suitcase to store my gold-smithing wares whilst travelling – and although this stunning find was probably not appropriate, I’m sure I could find a use for it somewhere.

– Benjamin