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A couple of people have asked me why I should create a money clip in this day and age, where cash is becoming an increasingly rarer sight.

They raise a valid point, but there are a few very important reasons why I have such an affinity for this practical piece of metal.

Firstly they are a classic style statement and will never date.  Money clips are a timeless accessory, and a well made one will last for generations.

Secondly I just love the way they look.  Simply put, a gentleman who carries a beautifully made money clip around is bound to have impeccable taste – and probably looks devilishly suave too.

And finally they are practical.  Use them for storing your cash, plastic, or business cards and if you’re anything like me you’ll appreciate the well kept order of your ‘stuff’ – and most probably turn a few heads in the process.

My contemporary reinvention of this classical piece is hand crafted from sterling silver, or gold (at your desire).

– Benjamin