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To wear or not to wear…that is the question apparently some men are still having to ask themselves.

Granted this is coming from a total romantic, so my opinion is possibly a little biased, but it really does amaze me that some men are still opting to go without a wedding ring.

Apart from being a great opportunity to wear a suave piece of metal, it’s also an act of love, a declaration of sorts to your life partner.

I just returned from an engagement party in Auckland, and the groom-to-be is currently grappling with this very decision.

Wear or not to wear, whatever he decides, all I ask is he thinks about the meaning behind the ring, and the significance of the band.

Whether you’re faced with the same conundrum, or already sold on the idea (great decision by the way), I thought now might be a good time to introduce my latest wedding band…for the gentlemen, of course.

– Benjamin

The Matterhorn Ring, Men's Wedding Band, by Benjamin Black Goldsmiths

The Matterhorn Ring, hand crafted in the metal of your choice, with a bead set diamond – by Benjamin Black Goldsmiths.