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There are so many gemstones to select from when thinking about designing a custom made ring, so this series of posts is my way of featuring some of the different gemstones available, in the hope it may help your decision making process.

One of the most beautiful gemstones is the ceylon sapphire, which hail from Sri Lanka.

Buddhist Ruins in Sri Lanka, Gemstone Feature, The Ceylon Sapphire, Benjamin Black Goldsmiths

Buddhist Ruins in Sri Lanka.

The island country, which sits off the southern coast of the Indian subcontinent in South Asia, has a very long and colourful gemstone history – in fact it is sometimes affectionately referred to as Ratna-Dweepa which means Gem Island (how cool is that?).

Marco Polo and Ptolemy wrote about the island’s gemstones, and sailors that visited said they discovered “jewels of Serendib” (the anicent name given to the island by middle-eastern traders).

One gemstone Sri Lanka is renown for producing is the ceylon sapphire.  The historical references to this stone are astounding, including biblical records of a “heaven-like” blue “sappir”.

The Ceylon Sapphire, Gemstone Feature, My Black Beloved, Benjamin Black Goldsmiths

A Ceylon Sapphire.

They were also symbolic of power, wisdom and loyalty – to protect against evil and a sign of spiritual illumination.

These revered blue sapphires have a distinct clarity and lustre compared to blue sapphires from other regions, and they are most definitely one of my favourites.

Kate Middleton's Engagement Ring, Ceylon Sapphire, Benjamin Black Goldsmiths

Kate Middleton’s Engagement Ring, cluster set with a large ceylon sapphire and diamonds.

Royalty have agreed throughout the ages, most recently Kate Middleton’s breathtaking engagement ring which the world could not help but sit up and take notice of.

Do you have a ceylon sapphire?

If so, what properties attracted you to the stone?

– Benjamin