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Hair clips simply don’t get enough credit, which is probably what adds to their alluring charm.

They exude all the elegance and grace of yesteryear, and add a subtle, yet cool and fashionable lilt to any outfit.

Yet we don’t often see beautifully crafted hair clips lining the cabinets of fine jewellery stores, which is something I’m hoping to change in time.

But pay a visit to your local antique dealer, and I guarantee you will be graced by an abundance of these spectacular hair adornments.

Antique Hair Clip, Benjamin Black Goldsmiths

A beautiful antique hair clip – isn’t it amazing?!

They make fantastic gifts, because they don’t need to be sized, and I’d love to see more brides and bridesmaids wearing hair clips, slides, and combs – made with precious metals and ornamented with high quality gemstones.

A bride wearing hair slides - simply beautiful. Benjamin Black Goldsmiths.

A bride wearing hair slides – simply beautiful.

I’m looking forward to creating some contemporary hair clips of my own, and recently I had the pleasure of making a very special one for a customer.

What was previously an unloved, old, brooch, was plucked from the depths of my lovely client’s jewellery box, and given to me to dust off and “transform into whatever I liked”.

I love taking old jewellery and transforming it into something new, so it can be worn and loved – rather than spending forever locked away in a box.

I had a great time making this piece Рand thankfully she liked it.  Here are a couple of pics.

– Benjamin

Transformation of a brooch to a hair clip, Benjamin Black Goldsmiths

From unloved old brooch…

Transformation from a brooch to a hair clip. Benjamin Black Goldsmiths.

To chic, new hair clip.