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Do you have old, unloved jewellery, sitting alone, abandoned and forlorn in your jewellery box?

Do you have gold that is missing parts, gemstones, or is just not suited to your current tastes?

Trading in your gold is not only a great way to recycle your unworn adornments, it’s also a very practical way of obtaining a brand new piece of jewellery, at a fraction of the cost.

Trade in your gold for something new - Benjamin Black Goldsmiths

Many goldsmiths and jewellers have the ability to accept gold as a ‘trade-in’, or as a credit towards another piece of jewellery – such as a custom made ring, earrings, or bracelet.

At this time of year it can be a very convenient way of cleaning out your jewellery box, and treating yourself to something special for Christmas.

One of the most wonderful things about jewellery, is the emotional attachments we form with it, and for pieces which are created in yellow gold, and hold significant value or meaning, the gold can often be reused to create something new as well.

Custom made brooch created from an old ring Benjamin Black Goldsmiths

A custom made brooch I created from an old, unloved ring – see the ring at the top, and brooch at the bottom.

If you have gold gathering dust, consider trading it in, or talk to your local jeweller about having it remodeled into something exciting and new, or contact me to talk about your ideas…it’s never too late to start a tradition of your own.

– Benjamin