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When I first started dating my girlfriend, she was appalled at the state of my toothbrush.

In my mind it was getting close to replacement date, but still had a little more life left in it.

Old toothbrushes are great for cleaning jeweller

But in her eyes it was definitely not usable, and to this day she loves to remind me about that “grotesque toothbrush”…and how embarrassed I was at the time!

Scraggly old toothbrushes do have their place however, and although that doesn’t necessarily mean using them until every last bristle falls out, they can be quite handy for a range of other purposes – cleaning in particular.

Diamonds attract grease, so the occasional clean will help the stones to retain their sparkle and brilliance.

Here’s my three step guide to cleaning jewellery at home:

1.  Add a little dishwashing liquid to a bowl of warm water, and place your jewellery in the bowl.

2.  Using an old toothbrush, carefully clean your jewellery.  Do not use a harsh brush as it might produce scratch marks.

3.  When the dirt has been removed, rinse the jewellery again in the bowl and then dry it with a clean dish towel.

For an ultra sparkly finish, end by polishing with a jewellery cleaning cloth.  You can buy one of these from your local supermarket or jeweller.

Remember to take your precious jewels to your local jeweller every now and then for a professional clean and check to make sure the stones are secure, but try this technique from home in between times to keep your jewellery looking amazing (unlike the toothbrush).

For more information about jewellery cleaning check out my website.