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Signet rings are one of my favourite styles of dress rings.

Not only are the drenched in history, they’re also incredibly stylish. Originally signet rings were both ornamental and functional, as they were engraved with an official seal. The engraver would create a mirror image of the wearer’s sign, coat of arms or initials.

Nowadays they are generally engraved with something significant to the person, family or organisation – like a crest, coat of arms, emblem, icon or initials.

They are one of the most stylish ways to leave a legacy – something both meaningful and beautiful, that will be treasured for generations.

Here is a signet ring I recently made. It was engraved with the customer’s initials (we came up with the design together).

And here is one I made using three of the customer’s rings. I created a signet for the top and made the rest of the ring with his bands. They all had sentimental meaning attached to them which makes it all the more special.

Lastly, here are a couple more of my signet designs, which can be engraved with whatever the customer desires.