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When it comes to individual style, most of us know what we like (and what we don’t). The colours, cuts and designs we are drawn to come down to a combination of personal taste, fashion and ultimately, what suits us.

At Benjamin Black we are often asked if there is a general rule to help people determine the right precious metals and gemstones for different skin tones.

Personally I think anyone can wear anything…as long as it resonates with them and makes them feel good! But, there are some guidelines that can help those of you who might be unsure.

Cool skin tones…

If you have a cool skin tone you will look great in silver, platinum, white gold or rose gold. Bright coloured gemstones, such as blue topaz, pink tourmaline and green peridot will also complement you beautifully.

Custom Blue Topaz Ring by Benjamin Black Goldsmiths

Classic claw with peridot

Cool skin tone traits? Under natural sunlight, your veins appear purple or blue, you sunburn easily and you may find it difficult to tan.

Warm skin tones…

If this doesn’t sound like you then you most likely have a warm skin tone, in which case, yellow gold is your preferred precious metal. Earth-toned gemstones, such as yellow sapphires, golden citrine or smokey quartz will look stunning against your olive skin.

Neutral skin tones…

Neutral skin tones fall between both cool and warm categories. You range between olive coloured skin and pink skin. There is no obvious overtone of any colours, making it easy for you to match with a wider range of coloured clothes and jewellery.

Try warm gemstones set in a cool metal, mix and match your colour combinations in gemstones and in metals as well.

Of course, when purchasing jewellery it always comes down to personal preference. Wear what makes you feel great – and if you need a little helping hand, refer to the guidelines above or get in touch with us.

How do you choose the best precious metals and gemstones for your skin tone?